Zoomtopia 2020: Top 3 Takeaways Every Zoom User Should be Excited About

In the Zoomtopia opening keynote last week, Eric Yuan, founder and CEO at Zoom hinted at a shift in priorities for Zoom moving forward. He noted Zoom has become “more than a video communication platform, it has become the thing you do.”

Zoom founder and CEO at Zoomtopia Keynote introducing new features and changes for for Zoom in 2021

And as the keynote made clear, the transformation is really just getting started. Here are 3 major takeaways that every Zoom user should be excited about.

Meet OnZoom, the New Online Events Marketplace

Big announcement: OnZoom and Zoom for Home – DTEN onTV! Zoom announced its new online events platform, OnZoom, for users to create and host free, paid and fundraising events.

Part of the announcement included introducing DTEN onTV, our newly announced hardware companion. The DTEN onTV combines DTEN’s best-in-class video and audio components with built-in Zoom software, and simply uses your existing TV as the display.

The DTEN onTV utilizes professional audio and video components to deliver a superior viewer experience. This is ideal for onZoom hosts to deliver the best experiences for their events and classes, from yoga studios, kitchens, and art studios. Likewise, audience members can join from virtually anywhere in their home using their existing TV. Available for pre-order now.

Expansion of Zoom for Home and new WFH Tools

Zoom for Home has been wildly successful. As millions of workers made the switch to WFH last March, the keynote made special mention of the Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, for easy set-up, ease of use and its powerful collaboration tools. Available now to order.

Platform enhancements to make meetings more personal. Get ready for immersive scenes – perfect for settings like classrooms – to create layouts akin to a physical room. And smart galleries to present meeting attendees as individuals in gallery view to improve interaction between in-office and remote participants. Also coming are new meeting reactions to deepen nonverbal communication and, simply, make meetings more fun. 

Zoom Virtual Receptionist

New tools available to re-enter offices safely. As we begin our eventual return to the office, Zoom is developing new services such as the virtual receptionist and enhanced voice commands for Zoom Rooms.

Imagine the possibilities with your DTEN devices: checking into work via a DTEN ME or starting a meeting on a DTEN D7 simply with your voice. 

Bonus Takeaway: Zoom Gets (Even More) Serious About Security

Security remains front and center. End-to-end encryption and video waiting rooms verification are just two examples of new Zoom security features. And because DTEN devices are native to Zoom, updating to new features is always easy. 

Recorded Zoomtopia sessions will remain live through November. If you couldn’t make the event, check out Zoom’s YouTube channel, which includes recorded sessions and streamed events.

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